Augusta Wilson Studio is an eCommerce site specializing in the sales of Augusta
Wilson’s one-of-a-kind abstract paintings. She sells mostly large scales oil on
canvas paintings, commission artworks, and virtual abstract painting classes.

     Creative Copywriting
     Email Marketing

What They Needed

Augusta has been doing her own email marketing for the past 10 years that she is struggling to come up with creative email ideas and needed a fresh eye on her strategy. That’s when she approached us needing assistance with creative email copywriting, designs, and strategy. 

How Jula Creative Helped

Augusta is an artist who has built a significant following online. Her fans appreciate her personal touch, and she regularly communicates with them through email. Knowing this, when she approached us for help with her email marketing, we suggested that she continue to write her own emails. This would allow her to maintain a personal connection with her fans while we took care of the strategic email planning.


To start, we went to work on creating her monthly email calendar that included 3-4 campaigns a week for different segments of her audience. Our strategy included email + SMS copy & design mock up of different topics. We implemented A/B testing for each campaign to narrow down how different segments interacted with her campaigns. With us coming up with the strategy Augusta saved time on planning each month and was able to send out more emails quickly. 


Lastly, we wanted to provide Augusta with fresh email templates that Augusta can use in her future campaigns. Our team went through and added design elements that showcase her painting in a new easy-to-read format. By adding transitional elements such as arrows and dividing the text into manageable chunks, we created email templates that is both visually appealing and easy to read. In addition, we also included more call-to-action buttons throughout the templates to increase the click-through rate. Lastly, we made sure that all of the template’s content is editable so that Augusta can easily customize it for her future needs. 




Thanks to our help, Augusta was able to breathe new life into her email marketing campaign. By helping her build a strong connection with her fans, better organized monthly strategy, and assisting her at the back end of her email marketing. 

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