Turn Your Email into a Powerful Marketing Tool.

✔️ More Traffic.
✔️ More Clicks.
✔️ More conversions.

We’ll do it all – strategy, custom messaging, unique email designs, and detailed data tracking. Learn more by submitting your details here or email us at info@julacreative.com.

The Power Of Email Marketing

Use our experience and expertise to help you generate leads and sales using a tried-and-true email marketing approach. It’s easy, cost-effective, and has the highest ROI in Digital Marketing.

Do your emails inspire action?

It's an art, it really is. We carefully create your business's email to be engaging and beautiful. We make your customers take action.

Are you retaining customers?

If you're not sending emails to and building lasting relationships with your customers, you're losing missing out on repeat purchases, and organic sharing of your product. Nurture these relationships to last forever to take your business to the next level.

Are you listening to the data?

We can see what your customers are doing, what they click on, what they're buying, and more. We're OBSESSED with figuring out why. That way, we can create emails that convert even better.


Flows & funnels, need we say more? We do?! You need them. Call us today to understand why and we'll strategize different kinds for your business.

Design Examples

Copy Examples

Case Studies



Beautiful Emails That Work.

Click-through rate, A/B testing, CTA location, Click tracking, Content testing, Flow testing, Funnel testing. We’ve done it all, learned what works, and implement only THE BEST for our clients. Check out samples of our work (left).

Boost Your Email Campaigns With Automation

Want to take your email marketing to the next level? We help businesses get the most out of their email campaigns with our unique email flow and automatic workflows, which are set up for you by one of our experts to automate your marketing efforts from start to finish.

How Email Marketing Can Make A Huge Impact On Your Business

The best ROI for any business owner

You'll see a return on investment of up to 3x the amount spent compared to other marketing channels like PPC ads or TV commercials.

The best way to engage with customers

Build a personalized experience by sending targeted emails that show them what they want, not what you think they want.

"I never realized I was missing out on so much. I spent years never sending an email and didn't value my customer emails as much as I should've. Jula showed me why it's important and they proved it. I was missing out on thousands of dollars. I couldn't have done it without this team."
Sarah t.
E-commerce Store Owner

Ready To Scale With Email ?

How Do We Do It?

Powerful Automations

We are a team of dedicated professionals who spend every month building out new automation and enhancing existing flows for your business. Our goal is to provide an efficient, high-converting system that will help you thrive in today's market environment!

Influential Campaigns

Strong, custom HTML-coded campaigns are what make our flows work effectively. Whatever your business is trying to promote, we’ve got you covered every time.

A/B Testing

It’s not enough to just run an email marketing campaign once a month. You need tested, optimized open rates and click-throughs that will drive conversions for your business.

Emails That Convert

We create personalized, high-converting email designs tailored to your target audience.

High Deliverability

Through our professional copywriting and expert knowledge, we keep your reputation intact. If you want to build a brand, then it can't be in the spam folder!

Hyper-Personalized Emails

As we continue to learn more about your business and its audiences, the model will be updated so that subscribers can have their engagement levels measured. The outcome is a deeper understanding of who these people are as well an opportunity for personalized campaigns based on what they need or want most in this moment!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get started on email marketing with Jula Creative today!

Frequently Asked Question

Business owners and operators have enough to worry about and, well, THEY’RE BUSY. Email marketing is so much more than “just an email” and requires a lot of creativity, scheduling, expertise, targeting, designing, tracking, yada yada yada. Who’s got time for that?! Jula does. Let the experts handle it.

All businesses can and should take advantage of email marketing and using their email list. The strategy for each company is very different, that’s where we come in. We learn your business, understand your audience and decide what strategy works best.

You’ll see your preferred KPIs, usually CTR (click-through rate), Open Rate, Revenue Generated, and much more. 

We do not provide cold emailing services including buying an email list. Cold emailing is not effective and we advise our clients to build up their email list to make the best out of their email marketing instead. 

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Read Our Testimonials

As a small business owner, it is very important that our service providers are cognizant of our daily challenges.Jula creative was very accommodating to our erratic schedules and limited resources. During the entire process, our project manager (Uyen, one of the owners) held us accountable to get our new website going in a timely manner.While our website is still a work in progress as we grow our business, the website they restructured and updated for us is modern, interactive and virbant. We are very impressed with Jula's business integrity and would definitely recommend their services.Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Jula Creative, or would like a link to our website.Happy 2022!Christina
Christina Cluff
Christina Cluff
22:03 05 Jan 22
Jula has provided great and consistent service to Anesis. They have been easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone else who needs professional marketing help with email campaigns, social media engagement, website content and design and creative services.
Paul Song
Paul Song
04:19 22 Nov 21
They have been wonderful to partner with & communication has been great!
Krista Jones
Krista Jones
21:28 05 Aug 21
I’ve known Linda for many years! Not only is she great at what she does, but the proof is in her work. She’s always a delight to talk to and really listens to the needs of her customer.Highly recommend going to see her if you need her services!!!
Igor Shapiro
Igor Shapiro
17:51 15 Jun 21
Linda and Uyen are an amazing team. They have created 3 of our websites. They are so attentive, patient, and do well with feedback. Their quality is always A+. They even did research and listened to our podcasts before designing our websites. If you need a team to help you out with your websites and media, I would definitely choose Jula Creative!!!!
Micah Yu
Micah Yu
20:42 30 Apr 21
Met with JULA Creative for their services on social media marketing and an initial consult. Their insight was extremely helpful especially their ideas for Facebook and Instagram. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking.
Sebastian Quidachay
Sebastian Quidachay
00:54 30 Jan 21
I had a positive experience with Jula and they really helped my business! Marketing is not my specialty, so I looked to them for help and followed their guidance. Thanks to their help, my business is doing great. They were also super friendly and great to work with.
Amy Goodwin
Amy Goodwin
18:00 29 Jan 21
Jula Creative helped me with building my website to increase my lead conversion by over 20% MoM. I'm super impressed with the work that they did and how professional and fast they were to respond. I definitely recommend giving them a try for your business needs and process improvements.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
17:48 28 Jan 21
We had a wonderful experience with the JULA team! The team provided immesurable valule to Redmond Tennis Club with ther marketing efforts and business development. They were thorough, complete, and on the ball. Thank you so much JULA team! We couldnt have done what we did without you.
Melanie Ondruska
Melanie Ondruska
04:51 18 Jan 21