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Do your emails inspire action?

It's an art, it really is. We carefully create your business's email to be engaging and beautiful. We make people do things.

Are you retaining customers?

If you're not sending emails and building last relationships with your customers, you're losing repeat purchases, and organic sharing of your product. Nurture these relationships to last forever (or as long as you want to be in business ;p).

Are you listening to the data?

We can see what your customers are doing, what they click on, what they're buying and more. We're OBSESSED with figuring out why. That way we can create emails that convert even better.


Flows & funnels, need we say more? We do?! You need them. Call us today to understand why and we'll strategize different kinds for your business.

"I never realized I was missing out on so much. I spent years never sending an email and didn't value my customer emails as much as I should've. Jula showed me why it's important and they proved it. I was missing out on thousands of dollars. I couldn't have done it without this team."
Sarah t.
E-commerce Store Owner

Ready to scale with email?

That work.

Click thru rate, A/B testing, CTA location, Click tracking, Content testing, Flow testing, Funnel testing. We’ve done it, learned what works and implement only THE BEST for our clients.

WE Make it flow.

  • Abandon cart
  • Welcome series
  • Browse abandonment
  • Winback
  • Personal Touch Emails (Happy Birthday)
  • And much more!

IT takes a village.

We have a full team of strategists, designers, copywriters, developers and data analysists who do the work, so you can focus on your business. Leave it to the experts.

Each business is different. What does yours need?

The best way to determine the best package for you is by contacting us for a consultation. But, wait you can be getting ONE MONTH FREE! Learn about the offer here.


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Per month


Per month


We’re giving away one free month of our email marketing services to businesses who qualify. This includes everything we do for our regular paying clients. From strategy, list segmentation, customer retention and dissatisfaction prevention, content, design, copywriting, funnels and flows. We’ll show you how easy it is working with an agency, and you don’t have to do a thing, but reap the benefits. What’s the risk? NOTHING. We’ll cover the costs. Our mission is to show businesses what they’re missing.

Frequently asked questions

We find that our clients are so busy with their business that their emails never bring the return it could be. That’s not their fault. Business owners are busy! It’s so much more than an email. It’s audience targeting, consistency, design to inspire action, verbiage to inspire customer retention, data tracking to learn what works and what does. It takes alot of make these emails work to the best of their ability. Let the experts handle it.

If you’ve ever hired an email agency, you know that most of them require ALOT of direction and you need to supply alot of edits. Have you ever had to just do it yourself because you were just tired of editing the supposed “expert email marketer”‘s work? We’ ve been there. That’s why we hire vetted, experts in all the important areas that touch your email. Expert designers, copywriters, developers and data analysts to make the best emails for you.

All businesses can and should take advantage of email marketing and using their email list. The strategy for each company is very different, that’s where we come in. We learn your business, understand your audience and decide what strategy works best.

You’ll see your preferred KPIs, usually CTR (click-through rate), Open Rate, Revenue Generated, and much more. 

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"Don't even hesitate. I have absolutely no regrets working with Jula. They've blown me away."
Hilary L.
Seattle Business Owner
"I've never even thought of adding in an abandon cart strategy and Jula convinced me to try it. It really makes a difference."
Quintin A.
Shopify Store Owner.
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