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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics for brands to interact with their customers. With word-of-mouth marketing and brand advocates, influencers have a direct impact on conversion rates. 
How brands use influencer marketing can be an effective way that they reach their target audiences. Effective influencer marketing involves the right product placement, exposure, and promotion with someone who has a social following. By gaining the trust of a particular niche audience, influencers are able to successfully build brand awareness for all types of businesses in a way is not easily done through traditional advertising methods. 

Custom Influencer Marketing

  • KPI Setting - Strategy & goal setting
  • In-depth target audience research
  • Research of your industry and influencers in that industry
  • Dedicated outreach Influencer specialist
  • Creative brief and strategy development
  • Influencer vetting, contracting, and hiring
  • Contracting & agreement
  • Campaign tracking
  • Campaign analysis and observations reporting

Send a Cake x Jula Creative

Case Study

The ask: Send a Cake came to us because they needed help with their Christmas sales, which is hard because of the competition during Christmas. Within 1 month, we found top-performing influencers that we thought matched the campaign goals, the business, and the product. We found the best performing content for the influencer to deliver for the client.

Strategy used:
- In-depth target influencer research
- Creative brief and strategy guide for influencer
- Activating micro & macro influencers

- Over 400,000 in reach
- Over 50,000 engagements on the content
- Increase in 25,000 new followers

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