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Client: Luvify

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I would honestly review it as a 34 year old married woman and show the product features while not in use obviously. First brainstorming idea would be to tease my hair and make it all crazy to grab attention and then present the review and features with some jokes that will obviously be inspired when I have had a chance to test it out.

I could do a concept where my boyfriend comes home early from work, I get caught with the toy, my boyfriend breaks up with me for it, I worry at first, but end up not caring because I still have the toy.

Linda’s notes: Half of reached audience is outside of the US, however I really like her concept. We can also do a video with her boyfriend on his page as well here. He can make a response video with the Gawk Gawk 3000.

Emily is still brainstorming her idea, but it would be something relevant to her gay community/include her girlfriend.

I would love to create a post about how being a busy business women, it’s hard to be taken care of, the way you wanna be taken care of. I’ll tell my girls a secret of how I satisfy myself so that I won’t be distracted running my successful business. 

Concept 2: A day in my life type of video where I show my busy life, than what I do to take care of myself and relax at the end of my day.

I have some ideas that revolve around a comedy skit. My followers will love anything humorous/comedy related to be honest with you.


Linda’s notes: He has really great engagement from males in his videos. Top country for reached audience is the United States and 43% of his audience is 25-34yo.

He’ll send over 3 concepts for us to choose from after the contract is signed.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a fun concept would be to use some text on screen (pov: you’re spending quality time with yourself for VDay) and include a funny sound along with a funny visual of me with the product.
OR a comparison of different sex toys vs. Luvify’s. I’ve worked with other sexy toy brands and am willing to do a funny biased review for Luvify. Luvify can be my new HOT boyfriend and I’ll show myself tossing out my old toys.

I can also take professional photography for Luvify as well.

First couple of shots would be me dancing in the kitchen, bedroom, while getting ready. While these shots are shown, words on the screen like confident, empowered, free. Show the Luvify product that is the reason. If one of the products I get has an app, I can show how it works too when I show the product.


Linda’s Notes: Not my favorite and does not have reach/views with her videos but agreed to free product.


Concept 1: Thinking I would make a fun video like a vintage ad. Kinda making a joke about how woman want everything all at once, but are always disappointed until they found luvify! Finally a way they can have it all. That way I can explain all it’s different features. Thinking of making it pastel colors and have vintage styling.

Concept 2: If they prefer something more natural and less scripted I could also just make a video talking about how I just received the toy and that I’m excited to try it. And then film the door shutting and hear buzzing and then me come out of the door with my cheeks flushed and my hair a mess and just say something like “yeah everyone needs a luvify”

Linda’s Notes: Can probably negotiate down due to her views/engagement rate. I like Concept 2!